Specialized in the development
of synergised formulations which
are based on specific Active
, Astardys has
concentrated their efforts on
Research & Development


20 years of pest control

ASTARDYS® is the result of 20 years of research & development efforts in the field of pest control. Benoît Nys, engineer by training, began his professional career working for leading European chemical companies. He then created his own firm, providing pest control treatments for the textile industry. Soon after, he started focusing on the search for greener alternative to traditional chemicals such as permethrin. While searching for molecules of plant origin, he detected an excellent ally against pests : Geraniol.

Building on his success on the textile market, Benoît Nys channelled his expertise into new applications. This is how ASTARDYS® came to be, specialising in the formulation of Green insect control solutions. Benoît Nys and his team are now exploring new resources inspired by plants and developing new formulations.

An innovative ‘Made in France’ company

Every day, ASTARDYS® develops innovative solutions that fit into the virtuous triangle of Green Protection ! Our solutions combine performance, health et environment.

Our expertise also allows us to develop custom-made formulations while constantly improving our existing formulations, with a view to an increasingly responsible approach to Human Health and the Environment.

ASTARDYS® is Made in France. Our expertise and our production unit are based in France, in the Lyon region. Our products however can be exported to all countries around the world.

A successful visionary strategy

Market forerunner? Yes! A few years ago, wagering on active substances inspired by plants was quite innovative. Over the years, we developed our expertise as a formulator.

The ability to effectively combine active substances inspired by plants with the right additives to enhance their initial performances, is the result of a long R&D process. This patented expertise allows our company to stand out on today’s market.

At ASTARDYS®, we provide our partners with sales and regulatory support so they can optimally position their products on the market.