Specialized in the development
of synergised formulations which
are based on specific Active
, Astardys has
concentrated their efforts on
Research & Development


The art of formulating active substances inspired by plants

Our specific expertise lies in the choice of active substances inspired by plants and known for their insecticidal or repellent properties, but also in the art of combining them with the right ingredients, to turn them into highly effective insecticidal and/or repellent solutions.

In their raw state, these plant-derived active substances are far less effective than traditional chemical insecticides. This is where ASTARDYS® Laboratory’s skill comes in: our job is to make these substances extremely effective. By mixing them with wise, low-toxicity additives, we achieve rapid insecticidal or repellent effects, along with controlled toxicity and ecotoxicity.

Patented formulations

ASTARDYS® Laboratory has developed a unique form of expertise, providing formulations matching up to the expectations of professionals and consumers in every respect by:

- Enhancing immediate or persistence effectiveness
- Reducing the doses used
- Optimising environmental characteristics

Our ASTARTE® products improve the toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of the active substances used.

This patented expertise, proven by independent laboratories, allows for highly promising adjustments and developments.


From the active substance to ASTARTE®

As these active substances are oily in their raw state, our R&D department developed formulations to produce water-soluble insecticidal or repellent liquid-emulsifiable concentrates (premix) called ASTARTE®.

These patented and tested formulations, ready to use in an aqueous environment, are a greener insect control alternative.

We advise our customers on the ASTARTE® best suited to their needs depending on the insects targeted, the desired effect (PT18 insecticide or PT19 repellent) and expected persistence. In addition to our existing range, which covers a broad array of pests, we can also assist our customers by developing custom-made formulations to fulfil their requirements.


The Green Protection triangle

The ASTARTE® products help combat numerous pests, whether they are harmful to humans or simply invasive. These solutions combine optimal effectiveness with controlled toxicity to human health and controlled ecotoxicity to the environment.

Our ASTARTE® formulas are highly effective in terms of rapidity and persistence. They are also biodegradable and more respectful of bees. These formulas are not classified as hazardous to the aquatic environment and do not sensitise through skin contact.

All these characteristics are supported by tests conducted by independent laboratories, with a view to reliability and complete transparency.