Specialized in the development
of synergised formulations which
are based on specific Active
, Astardys has
concentrated their efforts on
Research & Development

THE VIRTUOUS TRIANGLE Of green protection

Our entire ASTARTE® range fits into the Green Protection triangle.
Our claim is to provide industry professionals and consumers with high-performance products, with controlled toxicity and ecotoxicity.
PERFORMANCE : Outstanding immediate or persistence effectiveness
ENVIRONMENT : Biodegradable, respectful of bees, not classified as hazardous to the aquatic environment
HEALTH : Non sensitising through skin contact, non-neurotoxic (1) and non-endocrine disrupting (2)

(1) in relation to the active substance, Geraniol, according to CETHRA’s toxicological assessment
(2) in relation to the active substance, BREYNER’s Geraniol 118, notably for oestrogenic and androgenic aspects